Lighting coconut shisha coal effectively

Lighting coconut shisha coal effectively

Posted by Flavaz shisha hire on 10th Feb 2019

Lighting shisha coals

Natural coconut coals are the cleanest way to smoke shisha and allow for the flavour to properly come through, without all the nasty chemicals associated with quick light coals.

The main disadvantage of coconut coals is that it takes a lot longer to fully light than its quick light alternatives. 

Through years of experience, we've found the easiest and most effective way of lighting coconut coals is accomplished by using an electric coil burner with an exposed heating coil. The main advantages of using a coil burner are as follows;

  • Portable
  • Faster than a gas cooker
  • Tidier and less messy

Set your natural coals directly on the heating element and turn the burner on to number 5, flipping the coals after a few minutes. You will know the coals are ready once all of the black surface of the coals have turned red / orange and they are completely covered in grey ash. This process usually takes between 5 to 10 minutes depending on the heat setting you use on the coal burner. A 'how to' on effective heat management will be posted up in our blog for you to achieve the best smoking experience.

Important things to consider when using a coil burner;

DO NOT use in an area where ventilation is limited. CO is released and can cause headaches and/or nausea if the area does not have sufficient air flow. 

DO NOT use near burnable/flammable materials. Keep pressurised aerosols, plastics and other materials away from the burner when it's being used. Also, keep the burner cable tucked away from the heating element to prevent it from burning and causing unnecessary problems. 

DO NOT use in the rain or areas where liquids are being used. Keep the burner away from the sink if it's being used and away from the rain if being used outside. Also, keep away from a cooker top if youre using a fryer or boiling some tea.

DO NOT use in the area you're smoking in. As mentioned above, it is an unpleasant experience lighting coals and/or smoking in an enclosed space. We usually recommend lighting coals in the kitchen under an extractor fan and opening any windows or doors until the coals are fully lit. 

DO NOT use for longer than 10-12 minutes. Allow the coil to cool before using again. The temperature of the coil gets extremely hot and it is important to allow the coils to cool before lighting another batch of coals if using several shishas. If the coal is red, it is fully lit and does not require the burner to stay on. Keeping the burner on continuously for longer periods of time can damage the burner and make it unusable for other smokers.

DO NOT use on an unstable surface. Lighting coals on an uneven surface can cause a coal to drop on the surface below and possibly cause some damage. Use the burner on a flat surface in an open space to prevent any further damage. 

DO NOT light more than 9 coals at any one time. Once lit, coals can pack a lot of heat; around 300 degrees each. And using too many coals can amount to a significant build up of heat on an already hot coil. If using for more than 9 coals, we can and do provide additional coal burners. If unavailable, allow the coil to cool before placing the next batch of coals.

DO NOT touch the hot coil directly. A bit of an obvious one but needs to be mentioned, don't touch or move a hot coal burner; let it cool down if you plan on moving it and use some tongs if you need to move the coals around. Also, remember when using to keep away from children.

DO NOT leave in a damp place. Bathrooms, outdoor storage areas and sheds where damp or condensation builds up can cause moisture to build up inside the coal burner. Keep burners in a safe, dry place, at room temperature, away from any moisture and water sources.

DO NOT leave outdoors. If you're having a barbecue or smoking outdoors, please remember to bring the burner inside with you. Leaving it outside can cause moisture to build up along with rust which effects the functioning of the burner. 

DO NOT drag the coal burner on a surface. By doing this, it can cause the rubber legs below the coal burner to loosen. Whilst most smokers respect the equipment, the number one problem we have is missing legs. This then becomes unsafe because it is unstable resulting in a shortage for other users. It is difficult for the legs to be removed as they are glued in place, but for some reason many users abuse the equipment and return it with missing legs. 

DO NOT use for cooking. We provide the coal burners for lighting coal, but occasionally we find people using them to boil water or cooking some foods. Although it can be done, the purpose of them is to light coals and not home cooking. 

DO NOT use on an already overloaded extension cable. Extension cables aren't all designed to accommodate high amounts of power in one go. If using an extension, make sure the cable is fully unwound and not packed in alongside other high power appliances.

DO NOT leave the coal burner unattended. It is important to stay in close proximity to the burner at all times when being used

If the burner develops a fault at the time of using, please do let us know right away so we can have it replaced. All burners are checked prior to delivery and it is the customer's duty to check that the burner is in full working order at the time of delivery and collection. Please do not return the burner if it has been damaged or a fault has arisen without letting us know. Any damage and/or negligence will be charged accordingly.

We have invested a lot of time, money and effort to provide the best service for our customers. We kindly ask you to respect the equipment you're provided and follow the guidelines to achieve the best smoking experience.