Most popular shisha flavours & mixes

Most popular shisha flavours & mixes

Posted by Flavaz shisha hire on 25th Feb 2019

The most popular shisha flavours and mixes

There's a ton of shisha brands to choose from and a variety of flavours to suit everyone's needs. With an in-depth knowledge of the industry, the team at Flavaz have compiled a list of flavour mixes for your convenience. Whilst all the flavours have not been included, the top 10 mixes for each flavour have. There's over 300 mixes to choose from and every single one has been approved over the years by avid smokers. 

The most popular mixes tend to include mint. Mint adds a touch of coolness to every flavour and is favoured by most shisha smokers. Basic flavours such as flavour+mint have not been included, but they are equally popular as other mixes on the list. 

The full list can be found here on our website at

A lot of work has gone in to compiling the list for our customers but we've also left the shisha mix menu viewable on our website to the general public. If you're a business in the shisha sector please reach out to us before copying our content. If you feel that the list is incomplete, please send in your suggestions to to be updated accordingly.